I pumped my full weight onto his naked balls I popped one

My intention was to go to the extreme with this finale clip of my “Step Brother Meets Dominatrix Kelly” series, however I was not expecting THIS to happen. The clip begins with my flurry of punches I unleashed on his balls after he came during my face sitting blow job / hand job. It is clear by the purple and black around his left testicle that I ruptured that one. When he awakes, I have him tied up in my basement. He’s terrified to see me strut downstairs in my thigh high 6 inch stiletto boots that he found by my front door all the way back in Part 1. I intend to kick his balls off with them, however after a few grabs, punches, stomps and full weight kneeling stomps I’m delighted to see I’ve caused him to suffer a serious injury. Not entirely sure how I did it, I guess as I pumped my full weight onto his naked balls I popped one, and the testicular mush had no where to go but through his tiny little dick like squeezing toothpaste out of the tube! LMAO! This video is brutal and extreme, not for the faint of heart! I grab the camera and get a close up of the broken vessels in his nads and the “red stuff” drips off his worthless dick. This video really is kinda disturbing for those not into real injuries…however, those that do like it, will love my giggles as I play around with his broken manhood.



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