Popping a mans balls

my name is kevin. I lost my left testes to my wife.

she did not stand on it, stomp on it. it was due to a very swift and accurate, and most violent kick with a plain old high-heeled shoe. she managed to kick it with such force that we both heard it crack. days later it swelled up the size of a softball (NO PUN INTENDED) so off to the urologist we go. I spent

four days in the hospital and had to have it amputated. I now worship this

sexual object of hers (THE SHOE) see the picture. that ruined my sex organ.

my wifes reaction was concern. when we first started dating she told me that she could never kick a guy in the nuts. well after years of telling her she’d be good at it she finally gave in and tried it and loved it. this time I bought those black heels in the picture brought em home and asked her to kick me with them as hard as she could. she agreed. I begged her to kick me 100 times and she agreed to that. days later my ball swells up and I have to have it surgically removed. just before they came and got me for surgery she whispered in my ear “YOU TOOK A RISK AND YOU LOST” I love you honey.

I feel like it has brought us closer as a couple.



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