Well let me share my experience with y’all about the castration!!
Jeff as I shared before was a man who contacted me about a castration because he never wanted to “go too far with a woman” He would not talk in detail over the phone but after I spoke with his therapist and he signed a release form I agreed to indulge him in his fetish. Upon meeting him he did elaborate more on why he wanted this done. Jeff is from a Podunk, middle of nowhere town in Kentucky and his father used to sell him and his sister to older men in their town. He and his sister were later forced to have sex with each other as apart of a sex show. His sister killed herself when she was 15. Later in college he had sex with an unconscious girl. He said that he told the girl later and she sued him. Needless to say this man has issues. That’s all he revealed but I could tell there was more to this story….
Castrating a man is something I will not repeat. This little device is clamped on the balls and he screams in writhing pain. Tears start pouring out involuntarily. He tries to scream, he tries to kick but he’s tied to the table. I gag his mouth to muffle the sound. He continues to wail like a dying animal. I move as quickly and efficiently as possible.
The screaming makes me nauseous. His balls are swelling to the size of a peach but the color of a plum. My hands are a bit shaky. The only thought in my head is “You’re fucking crazy!” It’s on repeat like a top 100’s song on the radio.
I move the clamps from one ball to the other. Last clamp. Two for each ball. Last one. Last one. I felt like crying myself, and I am rarely a crier.
14 minutes later it’s all over. He goes and sits in a tub of ice and I comfort him encouraging words. 45 minutes later he left.
Since then he’s gone to the doctor and got an MRI, the castration was successful.


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